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- Solo Permanent Show

  at IBERFLORA International Fair, Valencia


Pándémos, cognitive processes vs environment  ←

 In this project drawing is incorporated in the restructuring of a paradigm of the changing context in pandemic / confinement / new normality. Social behavior and the modification of collective materials are analyzed. Analogies are established between repetition, routine. The cognitive processes originated in confinement, determine reflections on the uncertainty and the surroundings in the life of the people.

Human nature from the ego experiences dualities of behavior through those processes of cognition in which the ambivalence of the pseudo-normative activities of the day to day prevails: magnified actions, repetitions, responses. These responses reflect on analogies in a global situational context that vary according to the organization of their systems. Each graphic system evokes behaviors of the human condition: Abundance / Organization / Freedom / Order, as well as their antonyms. Different cognitive responses from stimulation are investigated at the level. The sensory transfer formed or formed by reminiscent images: Visual memory versus sensory stimulation. Order and disorder, unanimity. Separation, reaction, accumulation, existence, nonexistence. Linear liricity is contradicted in the photographic image in superposition from the imaginary and collective norm

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