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Rossi Aguilar

1993 born in Maracaibo, Venezuela

Lives and works in Valencia, Spain

The young Venezuelan artist seeks to elaborate expressive Contemporary Drawing that treats her visual impressions and her experiences as a Disabled Contemporary Artist as memory remnants that later become the graphic sign of a continuous developing process of the life of a disabled woman who constantly analyzes the environment that surrounds her: human behavior and its multiple consequences, such as violence, injustice, accidents, and established action patterns/interactions.

After having had to emigrate after the establishment of the Venezuelan dictatorship, he settled in Lisbon (PT) where she studied Art History. She later finished her studies at Maryland Institute College of Art. Nowadays she resides in Valencia (SP) where she works as an artist and as a junior researcher-collaborator at the Art and Environment Research Center from to the Polytechnic City of Innovation in Valencia. 

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